Space for the People

DIY Philosophy

The satellite is manufactured in accordance with the mission goals of cost and accessibility. A team of students will construct EQUiSat in its entirety to meet all project requirements as well as the technical specifications detailed by CubeSat. See us in the shop here.


  • Encourage collaborative education among an all-student manufacturing team
  • Utilize processes commonly accessible to the informed public
  • Minimize cost by minimizing pre-built component use (e.g Pumpkin, Clydespace)


  • Student built from scratch
  • No use of an EDM or other precision tools
  • Design to avoid tolerance stack up and maintain simplicity
  • Reduces weight to allow for a large reflector
  • Detailed production instructions to be available to DIY community


This website is meant to detail our design motivations and process. Unless otherwise stated, everything you find here is a work in progress and not yet finalized. We welcome any suggestions or comments you may have given what you read, please direct them here