Space for the People

What is EQUiSat?

EQUiSat is Brown University's first nano satellite that will be launched by NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative. EQUiSat is classified as a CubeSat, meaning that it is a 10-centimeter cube with a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms. Unlike many other CubeSats, EQUiSat is constructed by a small team of undergraduate engineering students with a small budget and only off-the-shelf products. Once launched, EQUiSat will emit a flashing ray of light visible by the naked eye from urban areas, and transmit a stream of information audible by any HAM radio user.

Do you want to...

build a CubeSat?

Awesome! We're an open-source project so be sure to check out the Resources section. It has detailed information about EQUiSat's design. Contact us if you have any questions! We're happy to help!

teach using EQUiSat?

EQUiSat believes in Space for the People, so we would love to facilitate using EQUiSat in your classroom, after-school program, museum, or other educational opportunity. Visit the Education and Outreach page to find lesson plans and other resources! If you are interested in a potential partnership, please contact us!

track EQUiSat?

EQUiSat hasn't been launched yet. But once it is, there will be an online language engine that can interpret the transmission from the satellite. We are also developing a tracking app that will notify users when EQUiSat is visible or audible. Follow @BrownCubeSat and like our Facebook page for updates!

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